Become a Lucrazon brand Partner


Becoming a brand partner with Lucra Zon could be a headache but if you follow this simple steps our account can be up and running in no time , if you are a leader it will ne easy for you to do this and if this is your first time activating this type of account, just follow this tutorial without skipping any step,

First we need to understand the difference between Lucrazon and Lucra Zon Global . Lucrazon Global it is part of Lucrazon , but some people mistakenly think that lucrazon is lucrazon global .

A) Lucrazon : Is a Merchant service provider with more than 20 years of experience . lucrazon has also been an eCommerce platform provider , among other services, and the company work with any other business type called Dropshippers as well, in a few words you can create an account with this company and obtain a webstore containing thousands of products and you can apply for a merchant account on a few simple steps , being able to upload your own products and manage your prices making this your own business without the need to buy and store products . Excepts for those you want to sell by yourself .

B) Lucrazon Global : Global is just an extension of lucrazon primarily , that will give you the opportunity to become a service provider and make money on each transaction that your customers will make , giving you a variety of services that you can offer to physically business like shops or company who provide services , but the most important one is without any doubt , is that you are going to be able to provide a merchant account to others , once your merchant account has been approved and your site has been activated .



Step by Step Tutorial

From Start , make sure that you will not miss anythig ad your merchant accout it is going to be approved.

wiev this tutorial

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